The Attea Group

The Attea Group empowers foundations, nonprofits and philanthropists to achieve greater impact.

Philanthropy is a juggling act: you’re aiming to make the biggest impact with constrained resources. Hundreds of big and seemingly tiny decisions you make every day ultimately affect how many people’s lives you change. Are you investing wisely to further your mission? Do you have an actionable strategy in place? What can you be doing better, faster or more effectively? If you’re asking similar questions to propel your organization forward, you’re starting off on the right foot.

Maximizing your impact necessitates a sound strategy. Balancing the value of your time, talent and budget requires efficiency and expertise. Our tailored problem-solving leverages creative methods, experience and best practices to reach your goals. Every organization faces a unique set of challenges and opportunities. One size fits all doesn’t apply here, which is why each solution is fully customized to meet your exact needs.